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Finally!   I have made all the parodies available for download.    Parodies 1-50 can be downloaded as a zip file here.   Parodies 51-100 can be downloaded as a zip file here.

Newer parodies have links within each individual post to download each parody.

Of course, if you just want a specific parody or want to make a request you can email Pat and he’ll hook you up!

5 Responses to Download Parodies

  1. Jeff Alcoforado says:

    Hi Pat – have you considered making a YouTube station for the musical parodies? Or, does TRC have their own? I’ve thought about looking for these downloads in the past, but never did. Really liked the “Royals” parody from Ep 274. Could you send me a copy?


  2. Ivan Mitev says:

    FYI, the links for the first and second portions of 50 episodes currently don’t work.

  3. It would appear that the zip links are broken. Also, who do I pay for the right to use some of these in my own podcast? So good.

    • pat says:

      Thanks Cory. I’ve fixed the links. As for use on your podcast, fire me an email and we can talk. Email link in the page above.

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