TRC #87: Eminem – Hello

After 8 weeks away from the show, the musical parodies returned with the first ever rap – Eminem’s “Hello.”  In the original song, Eminem reintroduces himself after a five year break in his career.  In the parody, Pat clarifies that the rumors about him being shot are false.

At the end, a shout out is given to: Mix Master Johnny Eh,  Tenacious Elan (a.k.a Rapmaster Juice),  my boy – Sexy A to the Capital Dam, Xander M (a.k.a GhostFace Chrome) and DJ Darren D. Diesel.   These names came from punching the hosts’ screen names into an online Gangsta Rap Name Generator.


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  1. Michael says:

    This is an amazing rap, My personal favouriate.

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